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John commented on "Long distance coffee" 2016-05-03 4:45pm

Awesome story!

John commented on "Long distance coffee" 2016-05-03 4:44pm

<b>THis is important!!!</b>

&lt;b&gt;THis is important!!!&lt;/b&gt;

Randi commented on "Long distance coffee" 2016-05-03 12:27am

Cześć :DPodziwiam TwojÄ… <a href="">prij‚aczóÅykÄ™,</a> że jej siÄ™ chciaÅ‚o ;) Najważniejsze, że chÅ‚opak zdaÅ‚. Ja już do koÅ„ca wakacji siedze w domu ale jest spoko bo mam co robić! Odezwij siÄ™ ;)Pozdro, Pastela

Bubba commented on "Tim Hortons Promposal" 2016-05-03 12:26am

Girl, you have a right to rant!! Out of the goodness of your heart you give a chance to win <a href="">soneihtmg</a> we would love to have. But at the same token, it would be better given to those who come here to be inspired, whether to win or not to win.

Ama Othman
AmaTheBestest commented on "The Red & White Golden Doughnut" -0001-11-30 12:00am

omg!! my storys up!! woot woot!! Go CANADA Go!! :D [


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