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Jessie commented on "Highway #1 Upgrade" 2014-07-31 2:09pm

First off, not one of the timmies on Arthur street in Thunder Bay ontario can get an order right. I'm sick of dumping my money down the drain because the workers can't decider between coffee and tea. It's not that hard. I slung coffee for a couple years. Also bring back the cherry tim bits and cherry sticks. Thanks

jud commented on "stor has a dead flys?" 2014-07-30 3:28pm

who cares, it's impossible to keep flies out

Tara commented on "A Hot Place with a Warm cup of Home" 2014-07-29 8:48am



I was in the Tim Hortons store located on transit Rd Depew ny right near Broadway as I walked in to get coffee 830 pm I happen to see a young girl getting bread from a big tray on top of the metal station to make a customer a sandwich well I am very discussed on what I seen the bread was left uncovered ad there had to be at least 10 to 15 Flys all over the bread I could not believe what I was seeing I ordered those same sandwiches I will never allow my family or friends to order food from your establishment again

Robert David Edwards commented on "Happy Birthday to my Dad! - the ultimate Tim Horton's lover!" 2014-07-25 9:56pm

I am hoping to be a winner some day and some time soon when I get pien to be a winner some day or soon, iwill be hoping for all of you to write back t


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