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Hallie commented on "The start of a lifetime." 2015-07-25 8:54pm

It's the simple things in life that can be romantic and having a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons with that special one makes that a beautiful thing. Hooray for that couple in Hamilton, continue to remember the special times spent together at Tims. Thanks for sharing your love story. God Bless you both.

Marjie commented on "60 Years Later -- We met at Tim Horton's" 2015-07-20 6:35pm

Love this, Annette, you were so cute!

Alex commented on "Donut" 2015-07-17 9:29am

Hi visited a Tim Horton's in Newmarket and ordered a large coffee, 20-pack of Timbits and one of the new Reese's donuts. My total was $7.08. I was given my Timbits and coffee, but when I asked for my donut, I was told by the manager that I did not order one and that I had not paid for one. I was running late and did not have time to argue with the manager. Correct me if I am wrong, but a coffee and Timbits should not have totaled $7.08. Am I missing something? Is it worth upsetting a customer over a donut? Going to be buying coffee from McCafe from now on.

Donald Brindley commented on "Hot chocolate Cammie" 2015-07-15 4:14pm

Where can I buy Tim Hortans Chocolate in Dublin Ireland

hj (hickmory.joe) commented on "Grandkids love Tim Hortons" 2015-07-10 8:34pm

well this is really good cause its in front of my school and every morning i go there when im starving soooooo... ya :)


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