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Yori DeBortoli
yoridebor8 commented on "Ice on me please" 2016-06-29 3:56pm

lovely story! Tim Horton's staff are this friendly everywhere!

Margaret Macdonald commented on "My morning win" 2016-06-29 11:42am

I love Tim's :-)

Sanne commented on "Scooter + Tim Hortons Coffee = FRIENDS" 2016-05-04 9:11am

These pics are amazing!! Especially like the black and white photos. Very dramatic and caitivatpng. Can we get a 2 year anniversary photo shoot??!! Great work Stacie.

Malinda commented on "When isn't a Good Time?" 2016-05-04 9:00am

That's really thkining at a high level

Ama Othman
AmaTheBestest commented on "The Red & White Golden Doughnut" -0001-11-30 12:00am

omg!! my storys up!! woot woot!! Go CANADA Go!! :D [


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