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Shero commented on "Grabbing A Cup In Victoria" 2015-10-08 5:43am

Slavne1? Spedš ztrapněne1 nesmedrně vtipnfdmi vimedei na internetu Do světa showbiznisu .. možne1 tak jako obledbene1 Age1ta Hanychove1 nebo něco podobně zcvaklfdho Kdybych byla na jejedm medstě tak doma buledm do polšte1ře a v hlavě si dokola ředke1m jake1 jsem bů Ale jen tak de1l, klidně pokračuj se svfdmi faspěšnfdmi dotaznedky, je1 jen budu s napětedm vyčke1vat na suprove9 parodie :)))))

Mirian commented on "Charley's Tim Bits" 2015-10-08 5:42am

Dude, didn't know you were coming to Xiamen. Sounds like a great trip. Too bad the China Search Marketing Tour is off. I paessd it off to someone else cause couldn't manage from Singapore. Wow that's a lot of train time, good way to see the country side though. Make sure you get a soft sleeper . See you in Xiamen. Oh I found this by searching for Xianglu Grand Hotel. That is indeed where the conference will be, nice hotel, stayed there last year. See ya soon

John commented on "Lachlan wakes up with his Decaf Double Double and timbit" 2015-10-08 5:42am

I feel your pain-literally! I have been getting mregaiins since I was six years old, and I am currently 21. I have been studying mregaiins for years since they are such a big part of my life, unfortunately. It is crucial that you take medication when you feel the SLIGHTEST migraine coming on. This could simply be a slight pain in your temple that comes and goes. I understand the fear everyone has today of taking too much meds but you know what, the pain you will feel later IS NOT WORTH IT! Once the migraine hits, no meds will really help you out. You just have to tough it out, but there are ways to get through it. Wet a hand towel with cold water and place it above your eyes. Lay there for about a half an hour, and you should feel some relief. You should have someone rub your neck, and massage your pressure points such as your temples or the area between your thumb and index finger. Head-On is something you can buy at Walgreens that offers temporary relief. It is almost like a Bengay for your head, that basically relieves the tension in your muscles in the forehead area. Otherwise, make sure you are in a dark room with no lights or noise. It might seem impossible, but try to get some sleep. If I can suggest anything, it is to see your doctor and get some prescription meds such as Imitrex for your occassional mregaiins. They really affect personal life and restrict most people from doing what they want to do. I just set up a blog called MIGRAINESINTHEMEDIA.BLOGSPOT.COM I will shortly be posting stories and updates on there for migraine sufferers, and am trying to set up somewhat of an online help center . because frankly, no one realy understands what you're going through except other migraine sufferers. I hope this helps! Good luck!

Luisinho commented on "The Red & White Golden Doughnut" 2015-10-08 5:42am

There are healthy foods I relaly love my problem is that my husband brings home the NON healthy food and he and the kids eat them like crazy - I feel like if I could get the family on board I could do better changing MY eating habits but I have zero will power. I'm thinking of locking up the cabinet with the non healthy stuff. Great article, thanks.

Ama Othman
AmaTheBestest commented on "The Red & White Golden Doughnut" -0001-11-30 12:00am

omg!! my storys up!! woot woot!! Go CANADA Go!! :D [


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