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DrAshtonChou commented on "Bentley the connaisseur" 2015-01-30 9:54pm


"Dogs and cats appear to be more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than people. [...] the ingestion of moderate amounts of coffee grounds, tea bags or 1-2 diet pills can easily cause death in small dogs or cats. When ingested, clinical signs of hyperactivity, restlessness, vomiting, an elevated heart rate, hypertension (elevated blood pressure), abnormal heart rhythms, tremors, hyperthermia (elevated body temperature), seizures, collapse and death may be seen."

Mat Berry
matanza commented on "Bentley the connaisseur" 2015-01-28 2:38pm

dont feed ur dog coffe he gonna get sick!!!1

Chesley Ward commented on "taken at hawkes harbour labrador" 2015-01-27 8:19am

This is my Aunt, she has a summer home in Hawks harbour and I loved to visit and explore the old whale factory that had burned down years before me. Great times.

Daniel commented on "car brew" 2015-01-19 1:48am

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Pietro commented on "Lucy Loves Timmys " 2015-01-19 1:47am

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