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Olivia, Will & Yogi-Bear commented on "Timbits are actually dog treats!" 2015-03-30 1:10pm

This really sucks and I bet it's cause it's American now! I thought it was so awesome to give my pup a treat! It was his fave part of our outings Tim's has changed and it's something that will make us reduce out trips to TH :(

Matthew commented on "the alarm sound too loud" 2015-03-29 12:02am

I swung by the Tim Horton on dougall and cabana and just wanted to say my trip there was great. It was around 9:45ppm and 2 young ladies were working, it was lined out the door and they were unbelievable. Had my coffee and donut in a matter of seconds with smiles on their faces. Their names were Nataly and Chelsea were great!

Helene-L commented on "A Hot Place with a Warm cup of Home" 2015-03-26 2:48pm

Hope you have made up safely to your family

Veteran Affairs employee (retired)

Mewstone commented on "Valentine's Bouquet" 2015-03-25 6:32pm

very creative!

Mewstone commented on "Love this donut" 2015-03-25 6:27pm



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