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Anjali commented on "Scooter + Tim Hortons Coffee = FRIENDS" 2015-10-09 8:58am

I saw you a few weeks ago on 75 south of Chattanooga on my way home to visit family in KY. I am<a href=""> sttnairg</a> grad school in Kennesaw this summer and will be making a 23.5 mile commute from my apartment in Atlanta. I have been trying to drive at around 60mph to maximize fuel economy in my 06 Toyota Matrix. It's actually not difficult to do between Midtown ATL and the perimeter as the speed limit is 55. I'm curious to see how much it improves my gas mileage. I may drop my speed by about 5mph on the next tank to see if I can find a sweet spot.

Deborah commented on "for the road" 2015-10-09 8:58am

//view>character encoding> auto-detect> east asian..?//இத <a href=""> ffoierx</a> க க ஆன த த ன ஆன ல east asian ம ற ற ன ல unicode utf8 வ ல ச ய ய த இல ல ய ?ஆன ல இந த ம ற றம ந ம ய ர ம ச ய யவ ல ல ய ? ஒர வ ள இத க க ள ஆண டவர ன வ ல ய கத த ன இர க க ம ....அங க த ன க ட கவ ண ட யத ர க க ம ... இல ல எல ல ம வல ல கண ப ப ர ச ச ச ..கண ப ப ற ய ளரகள ச ல லல ம ...

Maria commented on "Thank you Karson" 2015-10-09 8:58am

Thanks for <a href="">shngair.</a> What a pleasure to read!

Hijos commented on "Half a world away" 2015-10-09 8:58am

I have one of these, but have not used it much yet. I got it for blogging and maybe a bit of <a href="">wrinitg</a> while traveling maybe to RWA but now the credit crunch means I can't afford to go anywhere! Wah!I'm sure it'll come in useful in the future though. Certainly sounds like you get lots of use out of yours!

Ama Othman
AmaTheBestest commented on "The Red & White Golden Doughnut" -0001-11-30 12:00am

omg!! my storys up!! woot woot!! Go CANADA Go!! :D [


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