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Duane Jones
d_r_jones1 commented on "Dark Roast" 2014-08-18 11:35am

Do you guys get it? If you were competing with Starbucks, there wouldn't be a busy Tim's on every other street corner. People like your current style, not a put-on imitation of a coffee snob shop. If your new course continues I'll have to investigate one of the nearby Dunkin Donuts. Please, wake up and be true to your roots...smell the regular coffee.

GUADALUPE commented on "The start of a lifetime." 2014-08-15 11:17pm

I love to drink coffe in witer, just in front of a a window of timis coffe store,ofcouse inside the store ahahaha =)

Dori commented on "I'm begging....." 2014-08-13 6:11am

I AGREE!!! I have family in WI, and wish I could find a Tim Horton's there because they are my morning addiction....

rob emmink commented on "MY TIM HORTONS COLLECTION" 2014-08-03 8:41pm

i own a small store in chatham ont i just purchased a original tim horton vintage framed signed poster of tim horton this was the first one that hung in all the timmys does it have value?

Tara commented on "A Hot Place with a Warm cup of Home" 2014-07-29 8:48am



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