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jesus_bush commented on "Time flies when you're at Tims" 2016-12-08 11:32am

Wow, THE Jason Horton commented on my story!! I'm a HUGE fan. Part 2 once we reach 2500 views!

todayswomanco commented on "Dad" 2016-12-06 5:05pm

My condolences to your loss. A very touching story.

.dorothy commented on "MY TIM HORTONS COLLECTION" 2016-12-06 4:18pm

how many of the small ornaments are there , I have 10 right now and just wandering on how many there are , there are 2 that I don't have are the marshmallow mug and the moose Christmas tree ornament, could you let me know how many in total are there

Prettytastyreviews blogspot commented on "Deer Lake Staff to the Rescue" 2016-12-06 5:52am

Is it just a bandage or a cast?
I can not tell from the glare in the photo.
If it is a cast, I am surprized they did not give him a fibreglass cast that you can remove.
-I broke a couple fingers and my wrist and the hospital in Ontario-the emergency dept they made me a removable cast after they did the xrays.
I still had to wear it 22 hours a day, but could take it off when I want.

Prettytastyreviews blogspot commented on "Looking for some information on this Vintage Timbit clock" 2016-12-06 5:43am

The 3 timbits behind the clock face are supposed to look like eyes, nose and a mouth.
You can see there are two darker circles on the white Timbits- for the pupils.
The nose is just the brown timbit and below that is the "mouth" that is kind of like a smile.

The slogan is not the best as I remember more the ads with "always got time for Tim Hortons".


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