Looking for some information on this Vintage Timbit clock

Looking for some information on this Vintage Timbit clock


Came across this Timbit Tim Horton clock, wondering if anyone can shed some light on it, looking for the Era of this clock, the use ( in store or promotion) and approximate value of this timeless time keeper



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Prettytastyreviews blogspot posted 2016-12-06 5:43am

The 3 timbits behind the clock face are supposed to look like eyes, nose and a mouth.
You can see there are two darker circles on the white Timbits- for the pupils.
The nose is just the brown timbit and below that is the "mouth" that is kind of like a smile.

The slogan is not the best as I remember more the ads with "always got time for Tim Hortons".

Remi posted 2016-11-23 9:20am

This is a standard clock used in every Tim Horton across Canada. I remember in my youngster years(1990 - 1998 before they change everything), they had this in all the Tims in my home town, always asked myself what was that Timbits thing behind the clock head.

Patty Seibert
pattyrose717 posted 2016-10-28 11:42am

That clock is probably from the one and only original Tim Hortons in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada - which just celebrated 50 years

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