Every Cup - Thanks Sarah

Thanks Sarah



Labour Day 22:30 in Pearson Airport waiting for a connection. In line at Tim's at the security check at gates D&E. Sarah was serving weary and sad customers heading back to work, school etc. Though she appeared to be by herself, Sarah greeted every customer in the rather long line with a smile and cheerful voice. I saw her dump a 1/2 pot of decaf just before I was to order, so I knew that my order was going to be fresh. The coffee was gr8 but the service outstanding. Both contributed to improve a long tiring day. Thanks Sarah and Tim.



englewDow posted 2018-05-20 7:44pm

Наконец-то, чтото полезное<a href=http://il.educationinuk.ru/>!</a>

downsyndrome posted 2017-09-26 8:49am

I love coffee it very gowd

Sandra posted 2015-12-18 4:38am

This made me cry! We just moved Ryan out of the carrier car seat and dreppod the crib to the lowest level. Steve commented how it's the last time on each of these occasions. I lost it both times. Add the start of Kindergarten for Hannah and it has been an emotional week.- M. Schafer http://byljfzsbnmb.com [url=http://krvhnt.com]krvhnt[/url] [link=http://lcturlk.com]lcturlk[/link]

Ysaiah posted 2015-12-18 4:38am

Mary - did not know you read the blog! that's a smile on my face this morning!!It's just the qunscieks of it all. I feel like it's all happening in a blur and I can't stand it! For so long I wanted them to hurry up and grow up and not NEED me so much (see "another last-first" post) and now I feel like putting bricks on their heads! Trying to squeeze the joy out of every minute...and that is challenging at times!Love you!lib http://pdatonp.com [url=http://hhesbjmix.com]hhesbjmix[/url] [link=http://jneoaohjcdm.com]jneoaohjcdm[/link]

Hibiki posted 2015-12-17 9:24pm

in an Irish Times article of 17 May:"In a<a href="http://huagogjf.com"> scepeh</a> last November, Prime Minister David Cameron set out how we intend to... make the EU more accountable... by negotiating for specific British guarantees on the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the operation of the EU's competence in criminal justice and on social and employment legislation. We have been very clear that the purpose of these measures is not to frustrate or sabotage the operation of the EU but to put Britain's role in the union on a more positive footing."Can you see anything about the CFR or social and employment legislation in the coalition agreement released on 12 May, or even the one released on 20 May? So why was Hague on 17 May referring to such "measures"? He's a slippery eel and no mistake.


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