Nothing will stop us now

Nothing will stop us now


Nothing gets between a bride and her Timmies.... or a bridesmaid for that matter. August 14, 2005, we got a little thirsty between the wedding and the pictures, as we drove by the Tim Hortons, we had the driver stop the car. The brand new Jen Larsen and I along with her sister went into the Restaurant, to the dismay and shaking heads of our husbands, but we NEEDED our Timmies. There were a lot of whispers and chuckles, when we went to pay for our order the young man at the register told us that the customer before us had taken care of the drink for the Lady in White. It was a fabulous day, with many great memories. Fun times at Tim Hortons



BraindLy posted 2015-12-30 2:41am

Heh, nice "population control" coemnmt.Glad to see Coren didn't give you a pass on it.And I dunno if I am seeing double, but there were two doughboys sitting at that table. One of them should learn to tone down his collars and tie a windsor knot.

Teto posted 2015-12-18 4:38am

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Jaelis posted 2015-12-18 4:38am

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Yulia posted 2015-12-18 4:38am

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Vivek posted 2015-12-17 9:25pm

See? That's what Mexican food does to you. You get served a <a href="">gitangic</a> burrito, are sure you could never eat the whole thing, and lo and behold, you do. You are welcome, tight pants.My fave food is definitely thai. I love me some curry chicken and tom kha gai. Loooove.Oh, and I do appreciate the taco definition. My aunt (who lives in Winnipeg, by the way. Hmmm.) did not know what a fajita was and I had to explain to her the different between that and a burrito. Oy!


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