Every Cup - Why I enjoy working at Tim Horton's

Why I enjoy working at Tim Horton's

Why I enjoy working at Tim Horton's


People have often asked me why I have stayed at Tim Hortons for over 10 years, when there were other opportunities I could have pursued. Most people do not realize everything that becomes part of the job when you are employed by your local Tim Hortons. For instance, staff members at our store can say when they go to work in the morning that they can work in any one of 10 different positions in the store, for which they were fully trained and prepared. Also our workplace offers the constant challenge of consistently increasing speed of service, quality of service and order accuracy standards, while making achieving these goals both exciting and rewarding. In my current position I enjoy both sides of this ever-evolving work environment; for part of my day I work the storefront serving customers, motivating the drive-thru team or just assuming a specific station to ensure the early morning crowds flow through the store as smoothly as possible. Later in the day I delve into preparing orders, crunching numbers and scheduling to ensure the future success of this Tim Hortons location. Most importantly however, it is the people at Tim Hortons that have really caused me to appreciate the work that I do. The people who I encounter daily come from all areas of life, from those who have been fortunate in life, to those who are relentlessly hardworking and are just getting from day to day. Both in front of the counter and behind the counter I have encountered some fantastic people, some with engaging character, some brimming with personality and yet others with purely honest sincerity. Some of these people who have come to work with us at Tim Hortons, have done so at a time when life has taken a new direction and I have witnessed them become stronger more successful individuals during the course of their experience with Tim Hortons. In this work environment I have met some of the most incredible people I have ever known, and I believe that this is where I make a positive impact on my community and on the people I encounter everyday...and that`s why I`m still here.



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