Every Cup - Three days without....NO WAY!

Three days without....NO WAY!

Three days without....NO WAY!


City guy decides to bow to the pressure of going camping for the May 24 weekend. Good idea right? I thought it could be fun. So me and three others head out for this fun filled weekend and arrive at a cottage that we rented (in the middle of no where) and begin to haul everything in to the cottage. Of course i decide to take a ride to the nearest Tim's about a 20 minute drive (just can't do without several cups a day). I get in the car and....it wouldn't start (piece of junk), of course no neighbors around to give a boost. So i decided i was going to walk to Tim's as I just had to have my cup and thought, it's not that far right? It took me 3 hours to walk for my cup of coffee there and back. The next day, waking up in the morning (no coffee) and the thought of making my way to Tim's again (you can imagine), but i did. This time I thought i'd be smart and buy 12 cups of extra large to take with me, thought i could heat them up in the microwave when i got the urge, and headed back to the cottage carrying three trays for the next hour and a half walk back. The car was running upon my return as my friends flagged a car down for a boost (OMG) Next year i will ensure to rent a reliable car just in case.



Anya posted 2015-12-18 4:38am

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Simon posted 2015-12-17 9:24pm

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Jhon posted 2015-12-17 9:31am

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