Every Cup - Scooter + Tim Hortons Coffee = FRIENDS

Scooter + Tim Hortons Coffee = FRIENDS

Scooter + Tim Hortons Coffee = FRIENDS


After 53 years of marriage my father was devastated at the loss of our mother.She had been the social one although my dad was well liked for his quick wit & dry sense of humor. At 82 he gave up his license & bought a scooter with an enclosed cover. Each morning he would drive 2 km to Timmy’s.The scooter with its enclosure & red flag drew attention from many. Although he didn’t know anyone at first his friendliness & wit helped him acquire many friends. Soon after when his health diminished he moved in with my husband & me.Each morning my husband would back the scooter up to our front door so dad could just drive to Tim's to meet his friends On windy days he could not take the scooter so I drove him.I saw how well liked he was by customers & staff.. When walking became too difficult for him he parked his scooter as close to the entrance & leaned on the walls to get to the first seat inside.The staff had all grown to love him.The manager Tracy made sure he still had his parking spot when a bike rack was installed. After he took the first seat inside the girls would bring him his coffee.He made sure to give them the exact money so they didn't have to walk back with change.It was a beautiful September morning when my dad Doug made what was to be his last visit to Timmy’s.That afternoon at the age of 89 he suddenly became ill & passed away 5 days later.The morning after his passing my brother drove to Timmy’s in his honor. It was a solemn day in Tim's when we told the staff & customers who had grown to love him. For the memorial there was no doubt that we had to serve his favorite - Tim Hortons coffee. I was so touched when the manager Tracey attended. She too had tears in her eyes & it meant so much that she cared enough to attend. Although I love my Timmy’s coffees & icecaps it took a long time before I could enter Tim’s again.There were so many good memories there.The first few times when I went back it brought tears to my eyes. It was, in many respects, his second home & brought so much joy to his last years.“Thanks to Tim Hortons” for making my dad always feel welcome!!

Attached is a photo of dad (Doug) sitting in his cart.


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Kharade posted 2015-12-30 1:53am

Behind you in line at Arby's Northgate now. Glad to know I'm not the only guy who doesn't feel the need to pass everyone else. The gas savgins are a definite plus but I actually enjoy looking around and seeing all the stuff on the sides of the road and besides that, to my way of thinking, a car is just a big CD player on wheels, so the longer I drive, the more I get to listen! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this evening.


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