A right of passage - (aka Canadian Bridge Jumping)



When you are a kid, coffee is something that your Dad and Mom drink. Now I am a Father in my own right and my sons, as did I throughout my childhood, have endured my own insistent stops to Tim Hortons.

My oldest son, Tim is now 17. His last year of High School. Friends are important and as a group they are looking to make their footprint on their adolecents.

So, while his father was dutifully visiting his Grandmother for Thanksgiving, the lads got it into their head that doing a little bridge jumping would be a great idea.

Tim approached me the next day a little sheepishly explaining that he had lost his new 200 dollar water proof camera.

"WHAT? How?!!"

"Well, ummm...me and my friends were swimming in the river....and I was wearing it and it sorta fell off.."

"Swimming in the river? It's October!!"

"yeah..I know, I made sure we were safe Dad, I checked it all out".

Well, he looked truly repentent and I thought, I remember 17.

It was only until I got there that I learned the full truth of what had transpired the day before. Appropriately there was the lecture from Dad.

"Are you going to do this again??"

"No Dad, I promise".

Into the cold water we ventured with flippers and goggles. Heart pounding with the shock. I turned to him and looked into his eyes and said, "just in case this does not go well, I want you to know that I love you."

As I pushed into the depths of the river I heard him reply, "I love you too".

By the time I got to the spot, my heart had returned to normal. With direction from him from the shore I dove into the mirky depths to the bottom of the river bed and very soon saw something glittering. Up for air. There was hope! I backed up and dove again, this time putting my hand on it. Smoothe, plastic. Yessss!!!!

Up I came with my hand breaking the surface first. Shouts of jubilation from the shore line. When I handed him the camera, he gave me a huge hug and then said,

"Dad you are awesome! Lets go to Tim Hortons and I will buy us both a coffee".

"You mean, buy me a coffee don't you?"

He just looked at me proudly

"I drink coffee too now"

So. There you have it. The next generation as stepped across the right of passage. My son drinks coffee like a man. And better yet, he shares it with his Dad :-)

Here is the video:



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