After the coma.....



In 1999 my life changed drastically....
I had been working beside my father in his contruction business, in the hopes of one day taking over for him. I was living with my girlfriend and wanting to start a family.
On January 20, 1999, I was out snowmobiling with friends, and was travelling too fast when I misjudged the distance to a tree. Upon impact my helmet exploded , and I ended up in a coma for 3 months. Upon awakening the doctors discovered I had a brain injury; therefore I had to learn the basics of life again, walking, talking and eating.

For years I was moved around to various homes, which did not provide me with the support I needed to recover. In January 2008, I was accepted in a rehabilitation centre called Dale Brain Injury Services.
I lost a large part of the life I knew, and found myself finding comfort in my neighbourhood Timmy's coffee shops. One of my main rehabilitation goals was to walk independently to Tim Horton's, and buy my extra large coffee with milk and an apple fritter.
Almost 4 years have passed, and I now walk independently to Tim Horton's at least 3 times a week regardless of rain, snow, or sleet.
I look forward to seeing the staff , they know me well now. Brenda, Lorraine and many others greet me with a smile and kind word, and I return with the same.



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Valerie posted 2013-09-30 9:56pm

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Kiriaki posted 2013-09-29 10:57pm

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Phikelela posted 2013-09-29 6:25pm

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Cesar posted 2013-09-29 8:02am

I agree! I am a Canadian living in the US and<a href=""> peelsad</a> with your list, especially Tim's being #1! I have been craving it for 18 months since I left! And now I am in the mood for a Wunderbar. Thanks guy! Glad you enjoyed my homeland! =0)


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